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Project Overview

A complete pack of adaptation on Salesforce.

Terlato Wines, a premier name in the global wine and spirits industry, sought to elevate its customer relationship management and online sales strategy by leveraging Salesforce's suite of services. The objective was to enhance the customer journey, streamline sales processes, and deploy targeted marketing campaigns to foster brand loyalty and increase sales.

Tasting like revolutionary Salesforce solution.

Our Challenge

Renewing a workflow.

Integrating Terlato's extensive portfolio of over 85 fine wine and spirits brands from various global producers into Salesforce Commerce Cloud presented a unique challenge. Additionally, customizing Sales and Marketing Cloud to accommodate the nuances of the wine industry's sales cycle and customer engagement strategies was crucial for delivering a personalized customer experience.

The result

Tracking every step.

The Salesforce integration provided transformative results for Terlato Wines:

Commerce Cloud enabled a sophisticated online sales platform, improving customer access to Terlato's portfolio and simplifying the purchasing process.

Sales Cloud offered a 360-degree view of customer interactions, enhancing sales team efficiency and enabling more strategic sales approaches.

Marketing Cloud facilitated the creation and execution of personalized marketing campaigns, significantly increasing customer engagement and loyalty.

The Salesforce solutions empowered Terlato Wines to achieve a seamless and enriched customer experience, driving sales growth and strengthening the brand's market position. The project underscored Terlato's commitment to leveraging technology for business innovation and customer satisfaction.