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Salesforce Sales Cloud
Salesforce Service Cloud
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Einstein Analytics

Project Overview

A complete pack of adaptation on Salesforce.

Royal Canin embarked on a Salesforce integration journey to enhance its global customer relationship management and to gain deeper insights into consumer behavior. Known for its focus on pet health nutrition, Royal Canin sought to personalize its customer interactions and improve service efficiency across its global operations.

Life Safety & Critical Asset Protection

Our Challenge

Renewing a workflow.

The primary challenge was to consolidate customer data from various sources into a unified Salesforce platform, ensuring a seamless flow of information across sales, customer service, and marketing teams. Additionally, implementing Einstein Analytics was crucial for transforming vast amounts of data into actionable insights, enabling Royal Canin to make informed decisions and offer personalized nutrition solutions.

The result

Tracking every step.

The Salesforce solutions implemented delivered remarkable outcomes for Royal Canin:

Sales Cloud integration provided a unified view of the customer journey, enhancing sales strategies and customer interactions.

Service Cloud enabled a more efficient and responsive customer service experience, significantly improving customer satisfaction.

Marketing Cloud facilitated targeted, personalized marketing campaigns, increasing engagement and customer loyalty.

Einstein Analytics offered deep insights into customer preferences and buying behavior, guiding product development and marketing strategies.

The integration led to a streamlined operation, with improved data accuracy and visibility that supported strategic decision-making. Royal Canin achieved a higher level of customer engagement and satisfaction, driving growth and reinforcing its position as a leader in pet nutrition.