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Clinical Trial Participant Engagement
Salesforce Health Cloud
Salesforce Service Cloud
Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Project Overview

Changing the workflow.

Prosciento, a leading CRO specializing in diabetes, obesity, and NAFLD/NASH studies, sought to leverage Salesforce to enhance its clinical trial management, participant engagement, and data management. The project aimed to streamline participant recruitment, improve communication with trial participants, and manage clinical data more efficiently.

"Reducing time and raising profit"

Our Challenge

Optimizing the team to make the process work.

The primary challenge was customizing Health Cloud to handle the specific requirements of clinical trial management, including participant tracking, data security, and compliance with healthcare regulations. Additionally, integrating Service and Marketing Cloud for effective communication and engagement with trial participants required a tailored approach to meet the unique needs of clinical research.

The result

Real-time solution without the need of human intervention.

The Salesforce implementation delivered substantial improvements for Prosciento:

Health Cloud provided a secure, efficient platform for managing clinical trial data and participant information, enhancing the overall trial management process.

Service Cloud improved communication channels between Prosciento and trial participants, facilitating better support and engagement.

Marketing Cloud enabled targeted recruitment campaigns and ongoing communication with participants, improving recruitment efficiency and participant retention.

The project significantly enhanced Prosciento's clinical trial operations, participant engagement, and data management capabilities, supporting its mission to advance medical research in metabolic diseases.