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Volunteer and Donor Engagement
Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud
Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Salesforce Community Cloud

Project Overview

Empowering Your Salesforce Success with Expertise and Innovation.

Habitat for Humanity initiated a Salesforce integration to enhance its volunteer management, donor engagement, and community outreach. The project aimed to optimize the organization's operations, streamline communication with supporters, and foster a stronger community of volunteers and donors.

Optimizing Salesforce initiatives around non-profit outtake

Our Challenge

Technical restructuring based on a new form of understanding.

Integrating Nonprofit Cloud to manage the diverse needs of volunteers, donors, and project management posed a challenge. Customizing Marketing and Community Cloud to engage and communicate effectively with the global Habitat for Humanity community required strategic planning and execution.

The result

Helping who helps the world.

The Salesforce solutions delivered remarkable results:

Nonprofit Cloud provided a comprehensive platform for managing volunteers and donors, streamlining operations and enhancing engagement.

Marketing Cloud enabled targeted communication strategies, improving donor retention and volunteer recruitment.

Community Cloud fostered a vibrant online community, facilitating collaboration and sharing among volunteers, donors, and beneficiaries.

The project empowered Habitat for Humanity to more effectively fulfill its mission, enhancing its impact on communities worldwide through improved engagement and operational efficiency.