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Patient and Client Engagement
Salesforce Health Cloud
Salesforce Service Cloud
Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Project Overview

Empowering Your Salesforce Success with Expertise and Innovation.

Banfield Pet Hospital aimed to enhance its veterinary services and client engagement through Salesforce. The initiative sought to streamline patient (pet) information management, improve client service, and implement personalized communication strategies to promote pet health and wellness.

Smart packages of healthcare done in a new platform.

Our Challenge

Technical restructuring based on a new form of understanding.

Integrating Health Cloud for comprehensive management of pet health records and customizing Service and Marketing Cloud for improved client communication and service presented unique challenges. The project required innovative solutions to cater to the specific needs of veterinary care and client engagement.

The result

The Salesforce integration yielded transformative outcomes:

Health Cloud enabled a holistic view of pet health records, facilitating personalized and efficient veterinary care.

Service Cloud enhanced client support, improving appointment scheduling, follow-ups, and overall client satisfaction.

Marketing Cloud allowed for targeted health and wellness campaigns, increasing client engagement and promoting preventive care.

The project significantly improved Banfield Pet Hospital's client and patient (pet) care experience, reinforcing its commitment to high-quality veterinary services and pet health education.