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Energy Management Analytics
Salesforce Service Cloud
Salesforce Field Service Lightning
Salesforce Einstein Analytics

Project Overview

Renewing a stated brand.

ComEd, part of the Exelon Corporation, embarked on a Salesforce project to revolutionize its customer service and field operations. The initiative aimed to enhance energy management services, improve customer interactions, and leverage analytics for better decision-making across its electricity distribution network.

Operating better in over 180 locations

Our Challenge

Adjust and improve the ecommerce processes.

Customizing Service Cloud and Field Service Lightning to meet the unique demands of energy distribution and customer service in the utility sector was challenging. Integrating Einstein Analytics to analyze and interpret vast amounts of data for optimizing energy management and operational efficiency required a sophisticated and tailored approach.

The result

Tracking every step.

Salesforce's solutions delivered significant advancements for ComEd/Exelon:

Service Cloud improved customer service operations, offering a comprehensive view of customer interactions and facilitating quicker resolutions.

Field Service Lightning optimized field operations, improving response times and service delivery to customers.

Einstein Analytics provided actionable insights into energy usage patterns and operational performance, supporting strategic improvements and better energy management.

The Salesforce implementation enhanced ComEd/Exelon's customer satisfaction and operational efficiency, reinforcing its position as a leader in the utility industry and its commitment to innovation and sustainability.