What are KPIs and how to choose the most relevant ones for your performance campaigns

What are KPIs and how to choose the most relevant ones for your performance campaigns

When opting for performance marketing strategies to expand a brand's presence in the digital world, it is common to come across doubts about how to know if the results are as expected.

To achieve this, it is essential to monitor key performance indicators, capable of measuring the progress of each campaign, helping to redirect the strategies adopted and opt for those with the greatest results.

These are called KPIs that make this measurement. And for you to better understand what they are, how they work and which meters are most relevant for monitoring your campaign, continue reading and check it out!

And what is KPI?

Very simple to understand: KPI is the acronym for Key Performance Indicator. That is, a way of measuring whether actions or sets of actions adopted are achieving the results desired by a brand.

There are several existing KPIs and the most important thing is to know which KPIs should be monitored and measured, which KPIs are relevant to your brand. It is worth highlighting that these meters can be seen in numbers or percentages.

How to choose the best KPIs for your performance campaigns

A performance marketing strategy gains in effectiveness not only when you have a full understanding of what the KPIs are, but also when you identify which ones should be monitored.

Check out the most relevant ones below, which you cannot lose sight of when analyzing the results of a campaign.

Average ticket

It is nothing more than the average price of each order placed by your customers. And it is fundamental because it identifies how much the company earns from each sale, allowing us to understand and identify whether it is necessary to adjust the prices of products or services offered within a website, for example.

Cost per Lead (CPL)

This is the amount invested in the campaign divided by the number of leads generated. The result allows you to analyze whether the campaign is profitable, making it possible to identify improvements and better decisions about budget and targeting. This KPI is very important when managing campaigns that aim to capture potential customers interested in the brand.

Leads by channel

In this case, it is possible to analyze which channel is being most effective in generating qualified leads, be it email marketing, social networks, organic search and other ways of transmitting your content. As expected, this KPI allows a brand to direct its time and resources into the most appropriate channels, according to its needs.


Nothing more, nothing less than the return on investment. In summary: total revenue is calculated, removing costs. Then, the result is divided by the campaign costs. This way, it is possible to identify whether the return has been satisfactory in the strategies adopted. It allows you to understand which products, services and marketing channels generate the most revenue and whether budget adjustments need to be made for a given campaign.

Conversion rate

Here, the proportion of visitors to your digital channels who perform a desired action and the total number of visits in a given period of time are measured. When this rate is high, it means that the actions are within the desired effectiveness. Otherwise, it may be necessary to change texts, design and other characteristics of the messages transmitted by the brand.

Cost per Click (CPC)

When investing in paid ads, it is possible to analyze how much each click cost, based on the total paid for the campaign, divided by the total number of clicks generated. This is a KPI that identifies the quality of the advertisement, how it arouses interest in the consumer and whether the campaign segmentation was carried out appropriately.

Key words

And if the brand works on SEO strategies to improve its ranking in search engines, this KPI monitors the performance of the keywords used in the published content. This way, it is possible to adjust the strategy and improve the ranking of pages to improve the brand's visibility in digital media.

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