The importance of post-sales and CRM in building customer loyalty

The importance of post-sales and CRM in building customer loyalty

It’s important to offer differentiated products and services, but it is also essential to invest time and resources in tools that work for customer loyalty.

No wonder there are resources in the digital media tailored to companies of various segments and sizes seeking to understand in detail who your audience is, how they behave, and what are the ways to keep them close.

In this sense, you can not ignore the work of post-sales, supported by the resources of a good CRM platform. Throughout this article, we will help you understand how to put the post-sale into practice in a simple and objective way. Let's check it out?

Understand what post-sales is

When we talk about post-sales, we talk about the use of strategies that improve the customer's experience after buying a product or contracting the provision of a service.

Here, the subject is the part of the service that aims to strengthen the relationship with the customer, in order to boost satisfaction, placing a brand among his positive memories during a consumption experience. Thus, one can consider him as a potential buyer for future occasions.

Contrary to what many people think, making a sale cannot be seen as the final goal of a negotiation. It is only the first step!

The post-sale process makes customers loyal: as long as a strategic work is well done, the corporation will be differentiated from its competitors and get better results and customer satisfaction. And for improving the post-sales process, it’s crucial to invest on digital platforms and personalized services. Those make all the difference!

But wait: we will get into that. First, we need to emphasize the importance of investing in post-sales by going beyond just understanding its meaning.

And why is post-sales so important?

The more a brand is remembered positively by loyal customers, the greater the potential for future sales. This is the essential reason to invest in post-sales.

If done effectively, the post-sale allows your company's image to stand out from the competition.

Considering the vast competition in the market, it is essential to seek to differentiate yourself in a positive way. Furthermore, building customer loyalty through post-sales is inexpensive, costing less than going on the hunt for new buyers.

After all, a satisfied customer does not need to be convinced to trust your brand, which is already known, recommended, and remembered when it comes time to make a new purchase.

3 sure steps for an effective post-sale

Let's go from theory to practice? We have separated 3 infallible tips for you to put into practice a post-sale in an efficient way and with results. Check them out!

Attention to follow-ups

To begin your post-sales, it is fundamental to seek to know from your customer if everything went well with the purchase, if they are satisfied with the product purchased, its positive points and what can be improved. In short, a qualified feedback.

Thus, it is possible both to analyze the customer's satisfaction level and to remind them that your brand is concerned about meeting their needs, and is attentive to solving their problems.

In this way, it is possible to cultivate the imagination of a company that is not only concerned with numbers, but works in a humanized way, close to its public.

Remember that follow-ups serve both recent and older customers, who can be reminded of your brand's existence as an ally for their daily lives.

Get closer to your customers

This post-sales stage is about pleasing those who are willing to give a vote of confidence to your brand.

Offer rewards or benefits to retain consumers or encourage repurchase of your products.

This can be done through a loyalty plan or through exclusive discounts, free shipping, free gifts, personalized benefits, partnerships with other brands, and other strategies.

The intention here is to send the following message: our brand cares about you, the consumer!

Send suggestions for products and services

When you have a good CRM tool to work on post-sales in a qualified and assertive way, you have at your disposal personalized data from your customers.

This way, you can keep them informed about any launches that fit their profile. You can then demonstrate the advantages of buying this product or hiring that service. You can also send them tips on items that match what they have recently purchased.

If you prefer, you can also send gifts on special dates such as birthdays. Discounts, gifts, prizes... it's up to you. In any case, it is a "treat" capable of bringing the consumer closer to your brand again.

Learn about Salesforce CRM

One of the most efficient ways to work the after-sales for customer loyalty is to invest in a good CRM tool.

CRM, whose acronym means Customer Relationship Management, is an innovative way to help companies turn products and services into solutions to customer problems.

This tool enables the creation of the best customer experience, allowing you to know your customers at a deeper level, understanding their behaviors, trends, and demands through practices, strategies, and technologies that improve your relationship with your audience.

All of this helps startups, small, medium, and large companies to improve management and interactions with their customers.

And Salesforce CRM presents all these features in a simple, intuitive and optimized way, always taking into account the needs of your industry, in a personalized and agile way. It's worth investing in Salesforce CRM to make your post-sales stand out in your market!

Able has the solution you are looking for!

See how investing in post-sales through the use of CRM tools makes all the difference in customer loyalty?

This task produces even better results when you count on the services of those who understand the subject. At Able, we offer customized solutions for your brand, allowing you to expand your results with assertive strategies, made by qualified professionals committed to your success. Are you interested? Talk to us, we are waiting for you!

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