Salesforce Marketing Cloud:

what is it and advantages of using it

Salesforce Marketing Cloud:

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a powerful tool that automates and enhances customer relationship processes. This platform offers numerous features that allow you to personalize contact, boost growth, and reach new audience segments.

Marketing teams play a strategic role in businesses, responsible for engaging, personalizing, delighting, and building customer loyalty. With Marketing Cloud, for instance, the team has more time to dedicate to the creation of essential actions.

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What is Marketing Cloud and how does it work?

Marketing Cloud is a complete cloud-based solution that delivers relevant and personalized actions across all channels and devices. The solution enables marketing teams to send the right message, at the right time, and in the different stages of the customer relationship.

This is possible since Marketing Cloud has integrated solutions that enable management of emails, social networks, mobile devices, advertisements, content creation, data analysis, among many others that enhance the purchase process. In other words, the platform covers all interaction channels with consumers.

This Salesforce solution is used by companies of different sizes and market segments. Nowadays, be it large leading brands or small organizations, companies know how important it is to develop and cultivate real relationships to enable customer success, generate revenue, and increase ROI.

What are the solution’s features?

Now that you know what Salesforce Marketing Cloud is, it’s time to understand its key features. The platform’s features integrate marketing, services and sales efficiently, significantly helping teams on a daily basis.

With Marketing Cloud, companies have the opportunity to achieve a personalized experience by creating smarter communications and interactions that anticipate the customers’ needs. This makes it easier to develop truly deep and meaningful relationships.

See below what Marketing Cloud delivers for enterprises!

Journey Builder

Journey Builder is a feature that enables the creation of integrated and personalized customer journeys via different channels such as SMS, push, social media, ads, apps, email marketing, and others. With this, companies can reach even more leads in a variety of ways.

With Journey Builder, it’s possible to understand, for example, preferences, behavior and other relevant information about the leads. In addition, the resource allows you to set goals and analyze the strategy results at any time, allowing continuous optimization for the actions, processes and progress.

Lead management

Another interesting feature of Marketing Cloud is real-time lead generation and tracking. With this, it’s now simpler to develop and deliver personalized emails, perform lead classification and calculate the ROI of investments in marketing campaigns.

This feature also favors the development of actions that make the workflow more pleasant and efficient. The advantage is that much of this process can be automated, eliminating the need for the team to dedicate too much time to manual tasks, for example.

Email Studio

Email Studio is a feature of Marketing Cloud that allows staff to use CRM data to create a variety of advertising campaigns, from the simplest to the most sophisticated and personalized touchpoints. With this platform, it’s even possible to automate messages throughout the entire purchase journey.

In addition to these advantages, Email Studio also provides real-time graphs and reports. This feature allows professionals to manage campaigns more effectively and gain deeper insights into consumer behavior through integrated A/B testing capabilities.

Audience Studio

Audience Studio is another feature of Marketing Cloud that enables the integration of data collected from various channels. With the insights generated from this data, your team can strengthen relationships with customers, regardless of the point of contact.

Audience Studio leverages Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to segment the audience, reach more customers, and discover new leads. A unique aspect of Audience Studio is its user consent management feature, which helps ensure your company’s compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Advantages of Marketing Cloud for Companies

Salesforce Marketing Cloud provides essential functionality for every successful marketing team. As a leader in cloud computing since 1999, Salesforce now serves more than 100,000 customers across all sizes and industries.

The automation offered by this marketing solution allows your company to:

Unlike traditional techniques, Marketing Cloud generates data-driven interactions and experiences for your customers. As a result, the platform focuses especially on the customer journey to create truly relevant communications.

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