Marketing in Y:

How to combine Inbound and Outbound Marketing strategies

Marketing in Y:

When we talk about performance marketing, there are many possible strategies. Each of them must be adopted according to the needs that your brand has to achieve more results.

Two good examples are Inbound and Outbound Marketing. Both are very efficient, but they have different applications.

On the other hand, they can also be joined, within marketing in y. Anyone interested in performance marketing has certainly heard of inbound and outbound.

Have you ever heard of Marketing at Y? Have questions? Don't worry, we'll explain it to you.

Understanding Marketing in Y

First, it is essential to understand Marketing in Y. This performance strategy combines inbound and outbound to boost lead generation, financial results, presence and positioning of your brand.

The work of generating leads and capturing opportunities is done continuously, with teamwork, sharing goals and strategies together to achieve more results.

There is a constant and simultaneous exchange of information between the teams, providing real-time monitoring of the effectiveness of each action.

Now, let’s understand inbound and outbound marketing!

What’s Inbound Marketing?

Simple: Inbound Marketing brings strategies based on creating and sharing content aimed at the target audience.

Its mission is to open a direct communication channel with potential customers, nurturing a close and lasting relationship.

In this strategy, people are attracted to a brand by the message. Therefore, presenting solutions that involve products and services makes it easier for this audience to convert.

It's no wonder that so many people also call Inbound attraction marketing.

Why choose Inbound Marketing?

This practice is focused entirely on the online environment. The suggestion is to always choose Inbound Marketing when the brand works with a more restricted budget.

Furthermore, Inbound Marketing is also recommended when looking for metrics that are easy to measure, with more time available to see practical results.

When a brand has many contacts and little conversion into sales, it also appears as an advantageous option, as targeted content work can be carried out to reverse this scenario.

In short, Inbound Marketing is a less expensive type of advertising, but requires patience in its execution, until greater precision can be seen in the creation of content and results that can be measured.

And Outbound Marketing?

Some people consider Outbound Marketing as “traditional marketing”. Their strategies seek to offer products or services, attracting new customers in a broad and less targeted way.

In the strategies adopted by Outbound, the idea is active search, without necessarily generating genuine interest in the brand.

We are talking about marketing adopted in advertisements in communication vehicles such as radio, television, newspapers, magazines, posters and other conventional media.

Outbound Marketing also has a presence in the digital world: advertisements interrupting videos, banners, mass emails and pop-ups are some examples.

When do we use Outbound Marketing?

If your brand is looking for immediate results, in addition to having a more robust investment budget, Outbound Marketing can be a good advertising strategy.

This method also tends to bring good results for companies that have commercial teams with a more aggressive sales style, carrying out active prospecting and constant follow-up with the contacts generated.

Outbound Marketing is also often beneficial for companies in a hurry to convert more mature leads, closing deals or making sales more aggressively.

Choosing between Inbound Marketing or Outbound Marketing requires clarity regarding your brand's objectives and goals. Therefore, having content planning and strategy is essential to achieve your results.

Why adopt the Marketing in Y?

The answer is simple: it’s a union of two different strategies, capable of creating bridges and expanding the possibilities of your brand.

While Inbound Marketing attracts, converts and nurtures your target audience, Outbound Marketing captures, connects and qualifies. Thus, this integration allows marketing and sales teams to be even closer.

The union of these two strategies with different objectives means that your brand can achieve more robust numbers with performance marketing. And there’s nothing better than relying on someone who really understands the subject, right?

Let’s chat?

So, are you interested in applying Marketing in Y as a strategy for your brand to grow even further? Or do you understand that it is time to invest only in inbound or outbound?

Whatever your objective, we have a specialized team to adopt strategies that allow your company to reach the hearts and minds of your target audience.

Contact us. Let's chat, exchange ideas and better understand where you want to go, what is the best way to achieve your results. We are waiting for you!

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