Marketing campaigns:

What they are and 3 creative examples

Marketing campaigns:

In digital times, we are permanently online. The virtual world directly interferes with practical day-to-day activities and “real” life increasingly requires us to be connected.

If you even use the internet at all, especially social media, some marketing campaigns have certainly impacted you. Whether presenting a new product or service, helping you understand in more depth the characteristics of something you were looking for, or convincing you to consume it.

But after all, what are marketing campaigns? How do they work and what are they for? How do they impact ordinary people during their time on digital media?

For you to understand better, we prepared this special article, answering all your questions. Take a look!

What is a marketing campaign?

It's simple: a marketing campaign is the work carried out to promote a company, product, brand or service. From the beginning, it seeks to achieve some specific objective, related to the sale of what it is promoting.

Every marketing campaign has strategic actions, seeking to impact and captivate the target audience. With the dissemination of knowledge about the techniques used in marketing campaigns, it is no surprise that humanization is increasingly being sought in the actions carried out, thus bringing the brand and the public closer together.

Marketing campaigns are run across multiple channels, both online and offline. The choice of the most appropriate media depends on the brand’s needs and objectives. After all, different audiences require different approaches, with detailed planning created by those who really understand communication.

From the beginning, a marketing campaign needs to have its concept well established. This is a kind of theme to guide the work from beginning to end.

What is a marketing campaign for?

As we said earlier, every marketing campaign has a predetermined objective. Some of them:

Brand strengthening

There are campaigns with the intention of strengthening a brand institutionally, without the need to sell a product or service. The goal is to make your identity clearer so that it is frequently in the public's mind. This type of campaign reinforces the brand’s positioning in its field of activity.


When a new product or service is launched, a marketing campaign will be designed to make it a real success. There are many possible strategies, whether to create public expectations or to reinforce how this novelty is fundamental to the lives of each consumer.

Proximity to the target audience

The spread of Digital Marketing has allowed the use of platforms such as social networks to bring brands even closer to their ideal audience. These are interactions and marketing campaigns carried out with the very clear objective of humanizing companies and ensuring that they do not leave the daily lives of potential customers.

3 creative marketing campaign examples

At Able, marketing campaigns are in our routine. With different strategies and objectives, always assertive and seeking the best results according to the needs of each client. We have selected 3 good examples of cases that made us very proud of the work carried out. Check out:


The objective of this brand is to revolutionize urban mobility with the use of bicycles in large cities. And November 2023 brought us an additional challenge.

During those days, we worked on special offers, aimed at specific profiles of customers who already knew Tembici in Brazil and other Latin American countries.

Everything went well and the results were achieved, of course!


This institute disseminates scientific knowledge. And in 2023, the 29th International Criminal Sciences Seminar was challenging, considering that a large event requires planning, strategy and team collaboration.

We worked on creating a special landing page, advertising via email marketing, social media management and filming to show the best moments of the seminar.

It was busy, it was challenging, but it was so worth it!

Premium Solution

Energy management is not a market known to any average consumer. Therefore, we work strategically to produce content for a very specific and well-directed target audience.

Email marketing, social media management and blog posts are some of the activities we have already carried out within this context.

Let’s talk?

You understand well what we are talking about when we talk about marketing campaigns, right?

What are you waiting for for your brand to take off? Don't delay, schedule a meeting with us. It will be a pleasure to talk to you about the best strategy to achieve the expected results!

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