5 reasons to invest in sales automation

5 reasons to invest in sales automation

In a company, several tasks must be performed repeatedly: monthly reports, weekly meetings or daily calls are some examples.

However, when you add up all the time used in these same repetitive and manual tasks, you will find every company's nightmare: waste, generally of effort, potential or time itself.

That's where automation comes in. According to research by McKinsey, at least 45% of activities in a company can be automated, which means lower costs and greater productivity.

What is sales automation?

Also called commercial automation, sales automation addresses the use of processes, tools and technologies to automatically speed up operational tasks related to sales.

If you are still not sure whether this solution is ideal for your company, we have prepared this article with 5 reasons to invest in commercial automation, and we also comment on how it is possible to automate sales tasks using Artificial Intelligence. Check it out!

5 reasons to implement marketing automation in your company

1. Time saving

There are countless manual processes that can be automated in a company. With this automation, time spent on these tasks can be reduced by up to 14%, allowing employees to invest greater effort in activities more sensitive to creativity, critical thinking and human contact.

This way, specialists can focus on activities that yield better results for the company, which leads us to the next item…

2. Increase in productivity

By automating commercial tasks, sales team productivity can increase by up to 14.5%.

In other words, the same team can close more sales in the same period of time, without needing to hire more salespeople or invest in additional tools or training.

Furthermore, relationships with current customers are improved, as there is more time to take care of those who are already part of the portfolio.

3. Cost reduction

By automating sales tasks, human error is profoundly minimized, as there are no longer so many employees involved in these activities.

As a result, there is a reduction in errors, costs and waste, whether in technical support or time spent on operational work.

4. Better sales efficiency

Automating the commercial process also brings a very powerful benefit to any company: the possibility of monitoring sales data.

This way, analysts can identify which products and services are most popular, which customers are most profitable, and even when to replenish inventory for seasonal promotions.

With Artificial Intelligence, this data can also be used to predict the right time to offer specific products and services to selected customers.

Additionally, the history of previous interactions and purchases allows sellers to analyze when an upselling or cross-selling approach would be ideal.

5. Better data control

Complementing the previous item, the data generated by commercial automation also allows salespeople, analysts and managers to view crucial information in real time, such as average ticket, average time for sales and most frequent customers.

This data allows the definition of achievable goals and the optimization of the commercial process as a whole, scaling the company's results.

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