Baker Electric Solar Energy

Field Agent Assessment

Project Overview

Reduce time on scheduling.

The customer is a California-based energy provider, with a specialty in solar.  The customer was faced with the challenge of updating a heavily manual process of locating and dispatching field agents to verify customer’s home and business configurations as part of the solar plan architecture.

"Optimizing every step of customer experience"

Our Response

Make the communications easier for each case scenario.

We implemented Field Service, with a particular focus on the following:

Field Territories, leveraging the scheduling engine to determine the most suitable Field Agent to perform the visit based on territory, closest agent, other scheduled assignments, etc.

Communications, so that customers can keep track of where the Field Techs were at all times

Integration with Experience Cloud, to make a seamless experience for customers

This solution was built entirely using out of the box Field Service components.

The result

Automation system delivering better experiences.

This solution allowed for a completely automated Field Agent dispatch process, with little need for manual intervention.  It further allowed for tracking of key data and metrics all from one place in Salesforce.